Stanford Invitational

It’s been a month since our last meet, but the time has been full of hard workouts, higher mileage weeks, and a lot of time in the training room. But with these four weeks of training under my belt, my fitness is in a really good spot with even more room for improvement.

Today started with a 6am wake up call from Bruce Springsteen and the usual three pieces of peanut butter toast. I watched an episode of ‘The Office’, and then Charlie and I walked up to meet Coach Wick at 7:30.

My race was scheduled for 10:30 and the weather was a little warm, but not as bad as it’s been in past years. The course also changed this year. They had us running on a lot more dirt, longer grass, and made sharper turns. Overall, it was a slower course. We did the usual 20 minute warmup, drills, and spiked up for the first time this season.

The start was actually smoother than it’s been in years past, with no one going down on the sharp left turn 200 meters from the start. I got out with good speed, but was jostling around the pack trying to find some space to run and not get boxed in on the turns. The footing this year was worse than years previous and it really showed in the times. There were lots of times where my shoes couldn’t grip through the hay and dirt and it was frustrating to lose a few steps every time we ran through these patches. Since the course also changed, I got really confused on where we were going in the first lap, so it took me the first loop to get used to that and then I understood where I could move past people on the course. Charlie was with me through the first 2k loop, and then I put my sights on Huruy, passing him around the 5k mark. He and I worked well the rest of the race with me leading him through 6k, Huruy pulling ahead of me around 7k, and then working together up the hill to the finish. I finished 24th overall as 2nd man for the Spartans with a time of 24:47.7. Coach Wick agreed with me that I brought the bread today, but the recipe can be even better by the time we get to the West Region meet.

Jose had a great day and moved well with the front pack placing 10th with a time of 24:21, Huruy was 3rd man in 29th place with a time of 25:03, our freshman Luis was in 39th place running 25:18, and Edgar and Charlie finished right next to each other in 59th and 60th with times of 25:37.0 and 25:37.7 respectively. And rounding out the Spartans competing today was Evarsito in 110th place with a time of 26:52.

As a team we placed 5th on the day with a score that I think the team is happy with. Our next meet is in two weeks in Madison, Wisconsin for the Pre-nationals race. It’ll be the biggest test for the Spartans in recent history and provide a good place to see how we can perform at the West Region meet in November. It’s the exciting part of season now where we’ll have races every two weeks, so I hope you’re excited, because I am. See ya soon!


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